The Little Brute
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The Little Brute is the answer to in-plant emergencies. Small - but effective. This little guy can deliver a big punch. The Little Brute can carry two emergency personnel to almost any location, being only 12 feet long and just 4 feet wide. It also carries a 7', "A" frame ladder, which easily extends into a 14' extension ladder.

Something so small can't have much punch, you say . . .Well, the Little Brute, with cabinets constructed of aluminum, has:

_ More than 32 cubic feet of storage,
_ Plenty of room for medical bags, oxygen and A.E.D.
_ Extensive Fire Gear.

Did we say Fire Gear? This is the Little Brute's best feature! We have teamed up with some of the leaders in professional firefighting equipment.

A 100-gallon ProPoly water tank, with a huge 8x8 tank fill and a 3" tank-to-pump outlet.

But what good is all that water unless you have some real power to deliver it? So, we went to Hale for a pump, and did they give us a watermover - 18 hp, 300 gpm pump! Oh boy, can we flow water!

Then we used all-brass valves from Akron Valve Company, just like the over-the-road fire trucks use. A front pre-connect hose tray and a 1" Quick Attack hose reel, speeds up water discharge greatly. Our strong, 10-gauge stainless steel panel supports the fire-fighting operations with "Class One" handles and gauges, then we wrapped it all up with a Vector 3-light emergency flasher and 128 decibel siren

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